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VPM'S Kannada Balwadi & Primary School

From The Principal's Desk

Kannada Sangha Mulund-Thane started Kannada Primary School in 1957. It is the first institution managed by Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Mulund (E) which was established on 26th March 1960. On 12 February 2011 it was renamed as Smt. Sundaribai Manjunath Kamath Kannada Primary School.  

Smt. Laxmi Kenganal is the dedicated and compassionate leader at the helm of the Kannada Balwadi & Primary School, a cherished institution within the Kannada Sangha Mulund-Thane community. With a rich history dating back to 1957, this school has been a beacon of education and cultural heritage.  She has been responsible for nurturing young minds and preserving the essence of Kannada culture. Her commitment to education and her role in carrying forward the legacy of this institution make her an invaluable asset to the community. Smt. Laxmi Kenganal passion for fostering a love of learning shines brightly, ensuring a bright future for the students of this esteemed school.

VPM'S Kannada HIgh School & Junior college

From The Principal's Desk

“A school is a place where one learns about the totality and wholeness of life”  – J Krishnamurthy.  

VPM’s KHS and Junior College began its journey owing to local exigencies, but it has grown into a mammoth institution due to its objective of being the best. We at VPM understand that, children can be good listeners, and more than this, good imitators; and hence we strive to keep upgrading ourselves with enriched knowledge, following societal principles, with the firm belief that an investment in knowledge always pays the best at any point of time.

Ours is a place where both the teachers and the students not only explore the school subjects and syllabi but the students are also provided with a platform to visualize, create and  exhibit their talents to see their dreams come true. Our students excel in academics, and are second to none, be it in sports or co-curricular activities, showcasing their abilities, and thus bagging medals,  trophies,  rolling trophies and even championships.
All these have been possible with the strong backing of the Management of Vidya Prasarak Mandal, co-operation of parents and an excellent, dedicated and motivated team of teachers,  who play vivid roles: teacher par excellence, guide, problem-solver,  counselor and many more. Like a  potter,  moulding his creation out of raw clay, we too hold out a gentle hand to help the students to shape, mould,  outshine and become responsible citizens of the society, soaring high altitudes but holding on to their roots.

022-25635338 (Kannada Balwadi & Primary School)

022-25636108 (Kannada High School & Junior College)

Vidya Prasark Mandal (Regd) was founded on 26th March, 1960 to provide educational facilities to children of Kannada speaking parents in Greater Mumbai.

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